Tips for Sizing an Impact Wrench

There are several points and tips which should be kept in mind while sizing an impact wrench. Impact wrenches are the tools which can help a person to loose or tighten the nut and bolts. There are different types and varieties of wrenches available in the market but they all work on the same principle. The basic working of wrench is just to apply force (also known as torque) on the nuts or bolts. These wrenches work with the help of motors. Air, battery or electricity can be used to give power to the motor.


The wrench which works with the help of battery is also known as cordless impact wrench. The torque on the wrench is applied in short bursts. As compared to normal wrench a person can apply larger torque by using impact wrench. The user will have to apply less force by using impact wrench therefore there is less danger of injuries and fatigue while working.

It may be very difficult for beginners to decide that which size of wrench they should use for their projects. Here are few tips which can make it easy for you to select the right wrench size. By following these simple tips you can easily complete you work without wasting any time.


If you think that by using the wrench of bigger size you will be able to gain more torque than you are totally wrong. Using the wrench of bigger size will be very harmful for your tools and project. You can break or crack your nut or bolts if you use the bigger wrench size because by doing this you are applying more torque than needed. Use the right size for your wrench and socket because if you use the socket of wrong size it will also be destructive for the tools. Although it seems that the socket perfectly fits in the wrench but it is possible that it is not properly aligned and may cause breakage of the internal parts of the wrench.


You should understand the importance of relationship between size and design of the impact wrench, if the size of your wrench is ½ inch or for other smaller sizes than you will need a pistol grip handle for the wrench. On the other hand for the wrench of big sizes like ¾ inch you will need a T or D handle. These types of handles will give you more grips. As the size of impact is larger therefore more torque will be produced and handle with D or T designs will help you to hold the wrench with stronger grip.


People on auto shops mostly use wrenches of ½ inch. These wrenches are of standard size for auto shops. This is the perfect size for tire jobs, suspensions and repairs. For assembling and disassembling at construction sites these wrenches are ideal. 300ft/lbs is the average force or torque for 1/2inch wrench for these kinds of projects. If you use the larger size of wrench your nuts, bolts or projects at construction sites will be damaged.


These wrenches are best for heavy machinery and equipments. 1200ft/Lbs is the average torque for ¾ inch. For these types of projects this torque is more than the use.

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