Popular Hairstyles for Men in 2016

Men’s hairdressing is a growing portion of the beauty industry, particularly as an increasing number of men look to sport the hottest hairstyles, and male grooming products gain the same momentum as their female counterparts.

While most would assume that complicated hairstyles are reserved for women or girls, complex designs are commonplace in barbers and men’s salons as well. Below, we examine some of the latest trends in men’s hairdressing, and seek to understand how these (at times) complex hairstyles have made their way into everyday salons.

Morning routine. Rear view of handsome young beard man combing his hair while standing against a mirror

The man bun

The ‘man bun’ first entered the male hairstyle scene in late 2013, and became increasingly more popular as time went on. This hairstyle consists of a man growing his hair to a reasonably long length, typically around the shoulder, and tying it into a bun at the crown of his head.

A second, sub-trend that seemed to emerge from the man bun was the ‘man bun undercut’. In this trend, men would leave a portion of their hair at the top of their head longer than the rest, and then bun the section above the undercut. The man bun emerged from a niche group of ‘hipsters’ that were particularly relevant in the music scene. Artists and musicians such as Jared Leto and Harry Styles pioneered this hairstyle, and brought it to the attention of the general public.


The undercut

The ‘undercut’ can be styled alongside the man bun mentioned above, or created as a hairstyle of its own. The undercut first appeared on the red carpets during the 2014 premier season, with celebrities such as Brad Pitt sporting this unique style. It involves cutting the sides of the hair and leaving a longer section at the top.

The undercut has evolved somewhat, with many men choosing to bleach the portion of hair at the top of the head, or dye each section of the hair different colors. Regardless, the undercut has taken 2016 by storm, and we’re unlikely to see it fizzle out before the new year.


The undercut designs

As a continuation of the undercut, 2016 welcomed the ‘undercut design’ hairstyle. This involves men shaving intricate patterns onto the undercut section just above the neck. This hairstyle was so popular, that women quickly caught on, and began shaving impressive designs into the underside of their head.
This hairstyle the is particularly remarkable, because it differs so wildly from the simplicity and utility that are normally associated with men’s hairstyles. If nothing else, the undercut design is an indication of how 2016 was a revolutionary year for men’s hair, and one that brought a new design element into the average man’s life.


Who knows what the future holds

With 5 months left of 2016, it’s difficult to know what the rest of the year holds- let alone what the distant future promises for men’s hairstyles. We are eagerly anticipating the next trend, and looking forward to examining the next big hairstyle for men.

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